Still deaded from the cute and review of The King’s Bastard

Sunday afternoon I started a fabulous book by my friend, author Rowena Cory Daniells.
I’d had the book sitting on my book shelf since September last year; the entire trilogy of King Rowland’s Kin actually, and I wanted to be in the right mood to take advantage of Rowena’s gift for vivid imagery, intricate story lines and polarising characters. So Sunday was the day.

She touts these books as a ‘keep you up all night books’… and she sure is correct. I found myself awake far later than normal of an evening just so I could get to the end of the chapter.

The last 50 pages were probably the hardest to get through because I was torn between speeding ahead, or savoring every scene. It was a tough decision but at 2pm Thursday afternoon I can now say I have read book 1 of King Rowland’s Kin…. ‘The King’s Bastard’.

If you can get your hands on a copy of the trilogy GRAB IT.

I feel better knowing I can head on with book 2… ‘The Uncrowned King’ when I’m ready.

If the book had any more twists I’d be needing a neck brace. It truly is a work of art.
Well done Rowena. You’ve outdone yourself.

Now onto the next cute clip I’d like to share with you all.
If you don’t like songs that get stuck in your head I warn you this one is a right royal ear worm. Incredibly cute though…..

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