When is a recall not a recall???

When it’s a ‘Technical Upgrade’
Uh huh. What a load of horse manure.
So Mazda sent us a letter telling us about this ‘technical upgrade’ that really should be classed as a recall.
I rang up to make the appointment, and as hubby only gets maybe one day a month free to do these things, I told the service center guy that date, to which I was told no.

I am an only child and I do not take to being told no very well.

I told him how ridiculous it was that they make the ‘technical upgrade request’ of us all and then not make allowances for people who only have minimal time… and then asked him what people who work 5 days a week 9-5 are supposed to do. He had no answer.

So I made the appointment for the next available day and now we sit and hope that the ‘glitch’ doesn’t manifest into something dangerous between now and over 5 weeks away.

Still gets me how Toyota (who did actually have a recall on the vehicle we owned before this one) were able to take the car in and have it back to us within 2 hours, and this Mazda ‘technical upgrade’ will take 4 hours. What a load of horse Manure… whoops I said that already didn’t I?

So we’ll be looking at Toyota’s again when we decide we’ve had enough of this car, anything has got to be better than over priced vehicle services that take freakin’ forever, and crap customer service.

If I want to have to wait a month to be seen I’ll call my doctor. When there’s a dodgy part on my car I want it fixed, and fixed NOW!

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