The week that just passed

Last week was rather long, drawn out and, for a day or two, was quite painful.

I had things that needed doing and family to see, Friday Ketchup to broadcast and my last ditch attempt at selling tickets in my raffle to raise money for Ovarian Cancer. Then it was Mother’s day and hubby’s b’day.

I was recently reunited with a photo I had been asking for from my grand parents place and decided that I should replicate it as best I could. In the photo I received, I am standing with my Mum, my Grandmother, and my Great Grandmother. 4 Generations of women, 2 of which have passed on. I miss my Grandmother dearly and my Great Grandmother had dementia for most of the time I remember her, so I feel I never got the chance to know the real her.

When Friday evening rolled around I asked my Dad and my Grandmother (from the other side of the family) to allow us to do a 4 Generation photo for the kiddo.

Great Grandma, Grandpa, Mum and the Kiddo

I am so pleased we managed to get the photo. Though I am reaffirmed as to why I do not spend much time with this side of my family. I wish I had been able to visit with Dad without the rest of them, but I guess even the black sheep of the family needs to spend time with the flock at some stage.

My round up of the fundraising for 2011 currently stands at $258. So a quarter of the way to my goal of $1000.
With help from my Aunt ~she’s a force to be reckoned with~ and some innovative ideas (I am hoping will pop into my head any day now), and the generosity of people who understand just how awful Ovarian Cancer is, I will make it to my goal.

Though I was feeling rather gross after the late night Friday and early wake up on Saturday, the day spent selling tickets and trinkets was rewarding.

Sunday was a better day than I expected. I bought a blooming tea from Cherry Blossom Teas at the last minute on Saturday and decided to use one to give my mother in law something special and really unique for Mother’s day. She loved it.

I picked an easy dinner and was contacted by the woman who won first place in the raffle. She’s from up near Bundaberg, so I am impressed that my fundraising has reached almost to my home town.

Monday was hubby’s b’day. I aced dinner and after triple chocolate cake I was full as a goog and happy as a clam.

The week has now finished and the pressure is off. The cheque is in the mail and things can go back to regular garden variety of insanity.

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