The football fever

I am NOT a football fan. I do not like Soccer, I do not like Rugby, I do not like Australian Rules and I really only watch the Super Bowl for the half time show. ~I do not green eggs and ham~

I see no point in running around in skimpy clothing, chasing an inflated piece of pig skin around a patch of grass so manicured that it just seems silly to allow a bunch of grown cavemen rip it up with their footy boots.


Tonight is the first match of what we like to call the State of Origin. I have no idea how it started and I will not be watching but apparently Russell Crow (the owner of the South Sydney Rabbitohs) has done some serious dealings with Fox Sports to have it shown in the States for the first time.

Now if you are reading MY blog and not one from a New South Welsh person; you will be going for the boof heads in Maroon. Otherwise known as the Maroons (pronounced Marr-own), the Queenslanders, and the Cain Toads. Uh huh cain toads.

The other team in blue are known as The Blues, New South Wales, or the cockroaches.

So now that you’ve all had your crash course in the lingo you can sound a little more intelligent when you are sitting there with eyes boggled at how freaking stupid they all are for not even wearing shoulder pads or a helmet.

I guess you could compaire the rivalry as like that between the States and Canada. The only thing really making any difference is an imaginary line. I have a photo of me on the state line between Queensland and New South Wales

So Yeaaaah. If you have the chance to see the state of Origin on Fox Sports, take a chance and give it a go… but don’t expect me to be able to carry a conversation about it because, as I said i will not be watching.

I will be reading, or watching Season 3 of true blood, or sleeping. All of which are far more mentally stimulating that watching the carnage.

Happy Hump Day!

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