It’s only Tuesday and I’m buggered.

I spent this morning, doing the kiddo’s hair in preparation for school photo day. ~Don’t know why I bothered, she’s not scheduled until after the lunch break. Her hair will be an almighty mess again by that stage~ Then I went chasing a form that she should have received at school yesterday and was overlooked. *not the first time this has happened and I am really freaking sick of it happening*

But I have many hours to go before I sleep. Ahhhhh bring on tomorrow.

Kiddo goes on camp… away… not here… pewf… peace and quiet! shhh

What do I have planned for next 3 days and 2 nights?

Not walking away from my computer at 2pm for the next 2 days, being able to NOT rush back from my craft group. Maybe catching a movie. Spending time with my Mum, who just got back from a trip to the UK. Probably sitting at the stupid MAZDA service center while a bunch of butt crack flashing, cream bun munching, idiots spend 2 hours more than they should to do the ‘TECHNICAL UPGRADE’ I had to schedule at the start of May.

I should probably throw some house work in there too, but if it doesn’t happen I will not be overly distressed about it.

Keep an eye out on my FB account /Friday.Ketchup for my second clip on youtube (even though I will be posting it here too)


Right I’m off to go name the last few things in the camp bound suitcase.

Enjoy the rest of the week. I sure will!


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