That’s powerful stuff

Tasny Rayner Roberts is an author I knew of, but had never read before.

I took a punt on a competition over at Rowena Cory Daniells’ website to win book 1 of The Creature Court series, Power and Majesty. I was pleased to win and over the moon to receive the book in the mail.

I’m one of those poopie-head people that allows the cover of the book to colour what I think of the works inside. A good cover gives me a head start, so though it’s not everything, it is part of the allure. The cover of Power and Majesty is one of those artistic creations you notice new things in each time you take the time to inspect it.

I started the book on May 2nd and I was delighted to be turning the pages, trying to pick which era, which country, which moral code Tansy was fitting her book into.

Truth be told, it is a magnificently schizophrenic mix of flapper dresses, modern language, Tuscan village, and yesteryear chivalry.

There is a whole nocturnal world the ‘normal’ people of Aufleur are unable to see. The night sky is attacking the city, and the only people who know of, and take part in this secret war, are those within the The Creature Court. Velody has an encounter with a young man on her first night in the city that will set in motion a juicy adventure well worth your time.

Now I usually judge how good a book is by how long it takes me to finish it. Generally anything that takes more than a week is a flop. This is NOT the case for Power and Majesty. I have had an extremely busy month and been thwarted with migraines and prior commitments. I was able to get through the book in 20 minute snatches and finally completed reading on June 5th.

The beauty of Tansy’s writing style is you’re able to pick up where you left off with ease, and her characters speak so well for themselves that getting them muddled is virtually impossible.

I’m sure Tansy can now relate to how important a book like this can be to busy people. She wrote about how to fit reading and writing into motherhood over at  Ripping Ozzie Reads.

And to Tansy, Yes darl, the frocks you write about in Power and Majesty are to my taste.

I look forward to book 2 in The Creature Court series The Shattered City.

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