The old man is snoring

Well okay, hubby is awake still and luckily for me he grinds his teeth and doesn’t snore at all; but it is raining.

It’s been freaking cold here the last few days. I bought myself a pair of snow shoes and bobbly wool to make a scarf. The shoes rock and the wool, which I thought I was sooooo smart and bought it in bulk, is a flaming nightmare… speaking of flaming… Thursday, I was given an amazing opportunity to photograph the first Smoking ceremony to be preformed in an Aussie school.

The traditional owners of the land my kiddo’s school is built on had bad energy after the governments building scheme was completed earlier this year. They decided to appease the energies and so the smoking ceremony was organised.

The Aunties and Uncles just about held every kiddo in the palms of their hands. I must admit it was difficult to not get totally swept up in the magic of it all. The photos I took are amazing. Most of them I can not post because I don’t have permission from the parents to do so.

I will post the best of the ones I can.

It was difficult to remember to take pictures, and not just get swept up in the moment. Auntie Peggy told all the kids they would sleep well on Thursday evening, but it wasn’t just the children, I slept SO well the last 2 nights. I have felt at peace, and that is one of the very necessary things to sleeping well.

So I also have a blog up over at Burn Bright on surviving cold, rainy days. I have a feeling we’ll need this, well us Aussies on the East Coast, anyway.



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  1. Marianne
    Jun 11, 2011 @ 22:29:14

    Great pics, Bel!


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