Technical Help! HA!

I had my once yearly run in with my tech help net person for IPrimus (AOL) today. Well it seems like a once yearly occurrence anyway. Apparently the 5 days of no net finished at 1pm yesterday. Right!

Hang on let me lay down on the couch; because I’m gonna treat this as a form of therapy.

They ask you a bunch of crap questions, like your birthdate, your address, and the dreaded password.  The password that my darling husband *gritted teeth* made up over 2 years ago, that even he’s forgotten. They then ask you what your download limit is… what plan you’re on… what was the amount of the last bill… when really the only questions that should be asked is my name and the customer number. OY! VEY!

I’m sure they’re tapping on their keyboards, IM’img one another about what a Hag I am, and what to do to REALLY push my buttons. Like “Oh start the wind down spiel about needing her husband to ring us back’ or the classic ‘Ask her to email you some ID.’ I’m sure they sit back and giggle like a bunch of school girls picking on the weak one.

This has got to be the MOST painful part about ringing tech help of ANY sort if your name is not on the bill. My name was put on ‘THE LIST’ to be able to deal with technical stuff through this company 2 and a bit years ago, maybe more, when they completely deleted our account, and then wouldn’t let me do a damned thing to get it back up and running. I had a two and a half month running battle with them over this BS.

It’s not that I haven’t got a clue what I am doing, it is more to the fact that it is easier for me to change phone plans, electricity providers and probably the hair dressers appointment for EVERY person in my street than it is for me to get anywhere with IPrimus without resistance.

I understand there are privacy laws in place for all this crap, but seriously if my name is on ‘THE LIST’  I can recite to you my name, my address, my birthdate, and the customer number, obviously I am the person who is okay to speak with. UGH!

Why is it that they only want to get picky, when you need them to just get the damn job done?

I probably have a red flag against my name for being rude to the customer service people, and I probably shouldn’t get so worked up, but bleeping heck, if I HAD net access I wouldn’t need to call tech help now would I?

If I HAD net access on Wednesday last week, and I currently DON’T have net access and haven’t had said access through no fault of my own for 5 bleeping days, don’t you think the smarter thing to do would be to just get the net back up and running with as little fuss as possible? Apparently NOT!

If I had the money I would be calling through to Telstra and switching ISP’s, but unfortunately even their sales people bug the crap out of me; but I’ll save that rant for another session.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bec
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 10:58:57

    Grrr. I hate dealing with those people. Pretty sure I’m on the Hag File, too. So glad you’re back online though. Woot!


    • Belinda's Baubles
      Jun 22, 2011 @ 07:28:34

      Us hags have to stick together. I’m glad I’m back as well.
      I wonder if they changed the names of these departments whether a more realistic view would make us less irritated? Forewarned is forearmed right?
      Technical unhelp. Customer disservice. Etc.


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