You may not want to tangle with Virgin.

I am so proud to help promote the new work to be released by my good friend, Marianne de Pierres.

Peacemaker, looks to be the next big thing in webcomics. Actually, no, it’s going to be epic. It is illistrated by Brigitte Sutherland, who does a beyond amazing job, and as far as I am concerned it’s going to put a boot into the pants of the comics that aren’t quite making the grade.

It’s a surreal mix of Futuristic Australia, the Outback and the paranormal.

“Peacemaker introduces readers to park ranger, Virgin Jackson, and US cowboy, Nate Sixkiller. Dead bodies, missing spiritualists, an imaginary eagle and a wholly psychotic businessman, Joachim Spears, are just some of the things that force the two into an uneasy alliance to save Park Western from being closed. Trapped in the heart of a sprawling Australian super city, Park Western is the only piece of natural landscape left in the entire country, and Virgin will do anything to preserve it.”

A little background of Brigitte… her award-winning comic art has featured in numerous anthologies across the world. Brigitte recently released her first creator-owned graphic novel, The Adventures of a Homunculus. Peacemaker allows UK–based Sutherland to share the beauty of the land she  grew up in while indulging in high adventures starring a sassy heroine!

Issue one is 99¢ AUD available from here…

So if that doesn’t make you sit up and take notice, you’re either weird, or dead.

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