Dragging my feet.

It’s been AGES since I put a half decent blog up here. My word count has fallen behind… badly.

I was on target until the migraines started hitting me again; bastards. I’m down to 37 words a day. Which is bad as my target was 100 words a day.

I am however on target for my book reading. 34 of the 52 target and we’re only in the 7th month.

What the heck have I been up to the last month or so?

Craft has been going well at Sensible Health and Mobility. The kiddo is half way through 5th grade. I’m still reviewing and making tutorials on eww tube for Marianne de Pierres. Even had the chance to read the blurb for Marianne’s next book to be released, Angel Arias. That was thrilling.

I was asked to take photos of the kiddo’s school for their website upgrades… some turned out better than others and with luck they’ll be happy with the best ones.

We also went to the Abbey medieval tournament this Saturday just gone. Hubby had the camera more than I did so he has monopoly over the memory card contents. I’m proud of him and we had a magnificent time. I was a little sad we missed the jousting this year, but the shots were cool regardless.

Pepper the Owl.


Sabrina the Wedge Tail Eagle


His Grace, Falco St. Cler


Zoe the Peregrine Falcon


I HAD to Hug a Knight.


There were over 400 photos… so these are just some of the ones I was able to get up on photobucket before I had to nip off and get the kiddo from school.

I would say I’ll post more when I get energetic.

Onward to the rest of the week!

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