The dream that had me scribbling

I know the moment I publish this blog that the idea will probably become an Oscar award winning film and I will have no claim to lay over it but what the hell. I need to get my word count back up, and this is the only thing that’s been running through my mind all damn day.

Zombies; I admit, scare the bejesus outta me. Even the fake ones. Blah.

But I wonder what would happen if Zombies were dependent of the temperature?

If things got too cold, people infected with the zombie virus, would turn into the rambling dead and have to wait until the weather got warmer before they unzombiefied.

In order to keep the virus at bay, a scientist (who only discovered he had the virus by chance when he was video taping himself to practice for a major speech he was nervous about presenting and the temps dropped low enough to trigger the change) keeps his home at a cozy 30 degrees Celsius 24/7.

The citizens of his town, including the police, have all been infected and the night is about to get hairy, when an unexpected storm drops the temps and the only safe place to be (the scientists house) is the focus of the entire zombiefied population.

When the power goes out, and the back up generator is taken out by the zombied school principal, the scientist becomes his families biggest problem.

Can the family avoid being infected? Will they survive long enough for the weather to warm up? What will become of the scientist?



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