Update on my Aussie Author Challenge for 2011

Almost 9 months in and I’ve read 9 books by Aussie Authors, my aim is 12 in 12 months.

Managing Death ~ Trent Jamieson

Burn Bright ~ Marianne de Pierres

Dangerously Placed ~ Nansi Kunze

The King’s Bastard ~ Rowena Cory Daniells

How to Ditch your Fairy ~ Justine Larbalestier

Power and Majesty ~ Tansy Raynor Roberts

Confessions of an S&M Virgin ~ Linda Jaivin

Blood Song ~ Rhiannon Hart

Beast Child ~ Ben Chandler


Possibilities for the next 3 books… but which 3 will it be?

The Business of Death ~ Trent Jamieson

Hindsight ~ A.A. Bell

Angel Arias ~ Marianne de Pierres

Heaven to Wudang ~ Kylie Chan

Shadowfae ~ Erica Hayes

The Uncrowned King and The Usurper ~ Rowena Cory Daniells


How freaking amazing is it that most of the above are in Queensland.  We grow them pretty cool up here. 😉

At what point do her mistakes not reflect on me?

I have been having a trial by fire when it comes to parenting a pre teen the last month or so.


Lies have been the basis of the problem, but there is some theft and some destruction of property. I won’t go into extreme detail, as the finer details don’t exactly matter. My darling will be turning 10 in a little under 2 weeks. The punishment I have chosen for this behaviour is to remove the gifts from her birthday.


Extreme? Hell yes.

Do I hate that this is what I came up with? Freakin’ hell YES.

Do I think she believes I am bluffing? Uh huh, you betcha.

Do I cross my fingers that following through with this will curb her enthusiasm when it comes to letting the lies just flow like a river? More than any of you would know.

I think she will survive her birthday with no gifts. I think she will find the next 3 months easier to manage because there will not be the 20 new toys that she doesn’t have a spot for in her room to deal with. Gifts are not the be all and end all of the demonstration of the love we have for our loved ones.


What I want to know is, at what point do her mistakes in her life, not reflect on me any more.


Because I feel to some extent I am responsible for her behaviour. I’m not blaming myself completely because I am not there 100% of the day to make her decisions for her. I figured since I have spent the last almost decade loving, caring for, and teaching my daughter the difference between right and wrong, she would just continue on with her moral compass intact and heading north.


Perhaps her falling off the rails a little now will make her teen years less tumultuous? I can only hope I am making the correct decisions to help lead her back to the path.


I hate that I feel like the last 10 years have been a small failure on my part. I just cross my fingers that we will both have enough time together on this earth to move beyond this and find a happier place to dwell.

The enormous to be read pile.

I am thrilled that I have such a plethora of glorious books to pick through at my leisure, and review.

I thought I would see if I can list as many as I can remember off the top of my head.

In no particular order.

The Lilly Bard Mysteries Omnibus (5 books) ~ Charlaine Harris

Hindsight ~ A.A Bell

Heaven to Wudang ~ Kylie Chan

Beast Child ~ Ben Chandler **

Shadowfae ~ Erica Hayes

The Uncrowned King and The Usurper ~ Rowena Cory Daniells

Night Seer ~ Laurell K Hamilton

Blood Captain, Black Heart and Dead Deep ~ Justin Somper **

Pop Splat ~ Ian Martin

Mishaps ~ Nansi Kunze **

Succubus in the City ~Nina Harper

Dark Secrets 1 Bind up and Dark Secrets 2 Bind up ( 4 books in total) ~ Elizabeth Chandler **

The Poison Garden ~ Sarah Singleton**

Kisses From Hell ~ Kristen Cast**

Night’s Cold Kiss ~ Tracey O’Hara

Skinned ~ Robin Wasserman **

And my wish list adds another level of awesome.

** Planning to review via Video Blog



Thought I’d take some advice from WordPress.

So after I posted my last blog some tips came up to help me write another blog… and apparently make it interesting.
Here they are

  • What’s your favorite month? Why?
  • You’re now in charge of writing the messages in fortune cookies. Tell us our fortunes.
  • What are you good at remembering?


~ November. Storm season starts, my birthday, Mum’s birthday.

~ Confucius say, man who walks backwards down stairs will have bad luck.

~ Ummmmm.








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Write love on your arm and share the love!!!

Overdue for a rant

I have a very important event to go to next week, that will involve me needing to be in PJ’s for at least a few hours. What would cause me to rant about that you ask??

Go back about three weeks when I was sleeping in for the first time in months and it was cold enough to be wearing my favourite ducky pajamas, when I hear RIIIIIIIIP, as I roll over. “Oh bugger!”

I now have NO pajamas to speak of. come forwards again a couple of weeks and the search has begun for a pair of PJ’s that will fit this little stick bug of a woman.

I am sort of happy to report that Size 6 clothing is becoming more common in the stores… (which is almost the equivalent of a size 8 in 1999) HOWEVER…..

WHY do the clothing buyers think that people who need a size 6 in day to day clothing would convert to a size 8 after 6pm?

The only size 6 pajamas I have seen over the last 2 weeks have consisted of long john style ~not to be seen by anyone besides your husband~ pants, and a watermelon one piece jumpsuit that would make Farrah Fawsett roll her eyes.

So no PJ’s for me at this stage but I’ll keep you updated.

New Flower Pictures.

I walked out the back the other day and the Hibiscus that our neighbour gave us was flowering again… you’ll remember the photos of that one from a few months ago, but I’ll repost it to give you and idea of how amazing I was with this particular flower this time around.

This was last time.

So as you can see really pretty… anyways HERE is this time around….

This time around. Look at the difference.














Huge difference hey?

So I did to this photo what I did with the others.

And the last picture kind of clashes with the colours here but I love the flower anyway.

I won’t let hubby get rid of the Violets no matter what and this is why…

They are so small, but they are too pretty to get rid of. Don’t you think?

Haz toiz wyl plai

But spelled right, of course.

I have a new toy and it’s going to help with the ewwtubing on Marianne’s channel.

I have heaps to talk about and now I don’t have to worry about audio issues while I’m yapping.

All I have to do is read the destructions instructions and pull out the tripod. And add slatherings of makeup because the thing makes me look like I have plague.

Best bit was the toy was half price. *happy dag dance*

Stay tuned. There are new things on the way.

Ohhh… did I tell you that you can now catch the last 3 weeks of Friday Ketchup on our very own ewwtube Channel found HERE.

Leave us commenty love!

Night world.

Might see some of you for the show tomorrow (US Friday afternoons 4pm eastern) ~Aussie Saturday Mornings 6am~   Here’s a Link!!

The book worms will be missing a feast in the years to come.

How many of you have picked up a book written by L.A. Banks? You’ve noticed I added a banner to help raise money for this most fabulous author over >>>>> there.

Looks like she has finally found herself in the big library in the sky.

We will miss her books, and I am sure anyone who knew her will feel the chasm left by her departure.

R.I.P L.A. Banks. Here’s the obituary.

Burn Bright Banner