Haz toiz wyl plai

But spelled right, of course.

I have a new toy and it’s going to help with the ewwtubing on Marianne’s channel.

I have heaps to talk about and now I don’t have to worry about audio issues while I’m yapping.

All I have to do is read the destructions instructions and pull out the tripod. And add slatherings of makeup because the thing makes me look like I have plague.

Best bit was the toy was half price. *happy dag dance*

Stay tuned. There are new things on the way.

Ohhh… did I tell you that you can now catch the last 3 weeks of Friday Ketchup on our very own ewwtube Channel found HERE.

Leave us commenty love!

Night world.

Might see some of you for the show tomorrow (US Friday afternoons 4pm eastern) ~Aussie Saturday Mornings 6am~   Here’s a Link!!

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