Overdue for a rant

I have a very important event to go to next week, that will involve me needing to be in PJ’s for at least a few hours. What would cause me to rant about that you ask??

Go back about three weeks when I was sleeping in for the first time in months and it was cold enough to be wearing my favourite ducky pajamas, when I hear RIIIIIIIIP, as I roll over. “Oh bugger!”

I now have NO pajamas to speak of. come forwards again a couple of weeks and the search has begun for a pair of PJ’s that will fit this little stick bug of a woman.

I am sort of happy to report that Size 6 clothing is becoming more common in the stores… (which is almost the equivalent of a size 8 in 1999) HOWEVER…..

WHY do the clothing buyers think that people who need a size 6 in day to day clothing would convert to a size 8 after 6pm?

The only size 6 pajamas I have seen over the last 2 weeks have consisted of long john style ~not to be seen by anyone besides your husband~ pants, and a watermelon one piece jumpsuit that would make Farrah Fawsett roll her eyes.

So no PJ’s for me at this stage but I’ll keep you updated.

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