It’s been a card making month

I’ve had cards coming out my ears in the last few months. Between thank you, thinking of you, birthday and condolence cards. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of the thank you cards but the other three I did. I thought I would share them with you.

Keep in mind they’re hand made, and therefore are imperfect. I am sure that the people I gave them to loved them.

This one was the Birthday card for my most fabulous co hostess.

Then we have the thinking of you card I made for one of my fellow staff members of Burn Bright.

Then there is the card that I will be posting this afternoon, and one I wouldn’t have to make for a long while yet. The condolence card for my former boss.

And the inside of the card…

I bought a bunch of new papers today so I’m going to be having a little fun in the coming months when it comes to card stuff.

I’ll probably be doing a video tutorial  or 2 for burn bright on how to make similar cards in the near future.

Have a great end to the week!!!

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