New Years Resolution Wrap up for 2011

It’s been MONTHS since I blogged. Seriously MONTHS.

I’d like to update you all on my resolutions from 2011

  • Read at least 1 book a week at least 52 a year and 12 have to be Aussie authors

DONE!! Seriously happy with this one. I am on book 77 for the year and the best bit is, because of the reviewing gig, I didn’t have to pay for them all. YAY!!

  • Make at least one piece of jewelry a week again at least 52 a year.

Nope. Don’t think it’s gonna happen next year either

  • Keep the housework under control

Nope again. But it’s not a complete shambles.

  • Write at least 100 words a day (A total of 36500 if I can do it)

I stopped counting in June and it wasn’t looking good. If i get energetic in the new year I might actually figure out if I made it or not. At the moment I think not.

  • Put a story in each month for Vision Writers (10 short stories)

Nope. Not even one.

  • Get at least 1 rejection letter (for my writing)

No rejection letter but I was included by name on the reviews on the back of BEAST CHILD by Ben Chandler and I’m included by name in the acknowledgements in ANGEL ARIAS by Marianne de Pierres this year. That is more than a success in my opinion.

  • Raise $1000 for Ovarian Cancer Awareness.

I think it ended up being under $300. The friend that had Ovarian cancer died on October 29th 2011. Next year I hope to do better.

  • Plant more sweet basil.

Bought the pot, the seeds and all… still haven’t done it. Though I have 24 hours or so. Maybe I’ll make it yet.

  • Hand write more letters send them as well.

I made cards. They had letters in them.

  • Save money update my wardrobe.

I saved a little and rewarded myself with a brand new steel boned Corset by Christine Woods bought from Voodoo Lulu in Fortitude Valley.

In the next few days I will reflect on 2011 from my point of view.

This year as far as my, resolutions go, have been mildly successful. I have grown to know myself a little better, and I like who I am becoming.

I don’t know what 2012 will bring but I have hope that it will be an even better year than 2011.

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