Resolutions Smezolutions

It’s that time of the year again when I make my resolutions. Some I think I will carry over from last year and some I’ll amp up a little, and add a few new ones.

~ I want to read 80 books this year. 12 of which to be Aussie. Reviewing as many as possible.

~ I want to do at least 12 video blogs/ reviews or tutorials this year.

~ I want to be the best president I can be for the Vision Writers group.

~ I want to find a part time paid job.

~ I want to aim for $500 for my fundraising for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Australia this year.

~ I want to get my creative memories program back up and running so I can resume making pretty digital scrap booking pictures.

~ I want to be in print again this year.

~ A 100 word a day base level again. (between blogs, reviews, or story writing)

~ I want to be more social.

~Again trying to keep the housework under control.

Achievable goals.

Ones that can be met by working harder and trying my best.

Lets have at it shall we.

First book of 2012 to be finished is Pale Demon by Kim Harrison. Love the Hallows series but this book is by far a stand out effort.

I’m now on Wildcat Fireflies by Amber Kizer, the sequel to Meridian. Book 1 sucked me in just from the excerpt on Amber’s website. Book two has been on my most anticipated list since 2010. Can not wait to get stuck into it for hours.

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