To review or not to review.

I read an interesting article by The Guardian this morning and I guess to begin with I had better link to it so you can hop over and give it a browse before I add my two cents.
YA novel readers with publishing establishment

I agree with the closing thoughts

“Whose book is it anyway? The hardest thing a writer has to learn is that once you publish a book, it’s no longer truly yours – even though it’s got your name on the front and it lives inside you. It belongs to the readers now. All you can do is steel yourself as you push it out into the world, stay gracious, and get busy with the next one.

And if you can’t stand the heat of the blogosphere – don’t Google yourself.”

Now onto my view of this as a reviewer…

I am lucky enough to be one of several consistent reviewers for . We also do a monthly book club which gives our readers multiple points of view on the one book. I guess Bloggers and reviewers who aren’t lucky enough to have a team helping with the content either end up having to put lousy reviews on their sites, or risk having no content.


Marianne has a no bad review policy, which we all follow. Basically, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Since getting to know Marianne a little over the years; I have learned how difficult it can be to get a book noticed. There are, after all, thousands published in Australia alone, so how are you going to get people to pick up yours, when the shelves are packed?


There is the argument of publishers being so stretched they can’t create the massive hype for every book they will put on the shelves, hence the need for review copies. Your friends, family, and the publicity team do their damnedest to get your book noticed, but having people read your books and using word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools you will have at your disposal.

 How people react to the review copies is entirely up to the individual reviewer. Followers of reviewers are generally following them because they have found similarities between the reviewer’s point of view and their own experiences.


Now with all that in the back of your mind, have you ever seen a book that EVERYONE loved? No. The old adage ‘you can’t please everyone’ is true. Bad reviews are a fact of life for anyone putting a product out there. Whether it is a book or a brand of perfume, there will always be people who oppose what you believe to be brilliant.


The only thing you can control is how YOU react to their opinion. Starting a public stand off resulting in pissing off reviewers is not helping anyone.

I’ll leave you with my uncle’s quote, which I agree with and it applies here.

“Opinions are like assholes; everyone’s got one.”

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  1. P
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 18:15:20

    Completely agree! I feel so glad and grateful to be on M’s team 🙂


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