March at a glance

March was packed full of stuff for each member of my family.

We had a great turn out for the Vision Writers meeting. The submitted stories were amazing.

Hubby went to Melbourne for the F1 GP.

Here are a couple of pics he took.

Hubby's picture of the Melbourne F1 track.

Then there was the Kiddo going on camp on the same day. Apparently $185 doesn’t buy them hot showers. *roll my eyes*

After they both got home and we were back into a routine I stepped out on my own for the Evanescance concert on the 26th. (yes a Monday night gig… weird)

Tuesday of the same week we had parent teacher interviews to get a progress report on the kiddo’s achievement levels in school. She’s doing enough to make me very happy.

Friday she found out she had been selected for the school’s Readers Cup team. I’m just so proud.

Then also on Friday the 30th I went in for an Australian Society of Authors Event… I managed to miss the showers that had washed the city clean, but got these beautiful pictures when walking to and from the Northern banks of the river.

My average word count for the month is 120 words per day, and the year so far word count is at an average of 114 words per day.

I read 11 books this month and the count for the year so far sits at 29 books out of the goal of 80.

Hubby bought me 4 books whilst in Melbourne, one of which is an Omnibus of 4 Amelia Atwater-Rhodes stories.

Review books come before my personal TBR pile and April is looking to be a big month for brilliant reviews.

Can not wait!

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