April at a Glance

April was a month of so many moments I hope to remember right into my senile years. (Oh hush, I’m not there yet)

Vision was forced to make a quick change of venue due to some maintenance work on the room we’re usually in. Thank the powers that be for the Brisbane Square Library for allowing me to bend the rules a little and allowing us to crash there. It was wonderful to have as many people turn up that did on such short notice.

I attended the wedding of the last kid I used to baby-sit. The sisters and both families did an amazing job working together to make the day magical. I loved every minute and was proud to loan them the kiddo to stand up there with them to make the day feel like it had come full circle.

Bless their hearts. May their married lives be prosperous and filled with happiness and joy.

Kiddo was picked to participate in an advanced creative writing program through the school. The Author who’s mentoring the kids this time around is Deborah Abela. Her book Grimsdon is on the readers cup list for this year and the kiddo managed to get through the last half of the book in a couple of days. She just wishes she didn’t have to wait another 6 weeks or so to get into it.

I’ve been keeping up with the reading, and found that not every book written about Australia makes me want to cringe.

Another 6 books under my belt brings the count for the year so far at 35.

No tutorials this month but there should be at least 1 next month.

The weather has been beautiful and showers cleared when they should.

May will have Hubby’s birthday, Mother’s day, vision back in it’s usual place and more review books.

5 Months into the year and so far it has been great.

Bring on winter!!!

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