May at a glance

10 books read.

Average daily word count is 107.

One more tutorial done in prep for being put up on youtube.

We had a really effective Vision Writers meeting and we had 2 new members show up. (This is for the May meeting, and June’s was even more brilliant but I’ll talk about that more next month) I managed to put my submission in again and the editing I had done paid off.

The BIGGEST thing for the month was being asked by The Spotlight Report to cover Yunyu’s Twisted Tales Brisbane leg of the tour. Hubby took the photos in the link. SO proud of him. Leave us some commenty love on their site if you like *puppy dog eyes*.

Marianne de Pierres also asked for a review so here’s the link to that one on

Hubby turned nearly almost 40 and life is good.

June is only 4 days in while I’m writing this blog, and already it’s bringing me smiles and wow moments.

I can not believe we’re already 6 months into this year. Half way there, halfway gone.

The rest of the year is bound to be lovely, with the possibility of more learning curves and once in a life time opportunities.

Have a great month!


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