It’s my lucky day!

Checking my emails I was overjoyed to receive this blessing. *roll my eyes*


ATTENTION: *Blink Blink*

I am Lieutenant General Peter A. Blay (Chief of the Defense Staff (Ghana).
I am mailing you in respect, of the present development going on here in
my country GHANA. *Hiya Pete! I’m all ears.*

I decided to contact you, after much investigation which was carried out
by the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) and the Ghana Police
Service, to make sure our country is free of these fraudulent
activities,which is going on here in Africa and for our country to bear a
good name. *You mean annoying emails asking for personal details. Sure, there’s none of that coming out of Ghana*

The Airport Authority detected some trunk boxes after been scanned the
authorities detected that the boxes contains funds on your name and email
that has been tempered on, they were been smuggled into the country by
foreign Personnel who were on transit from London. *I had a trunk smuggled from London? That is bloody amazing, since I don’t OWN any trunk boxes and have never been to London*

These men were trying to enter the country with the trunk boxes, when the
airport authority detected that these boxes contains, some huge amount of
United State Dollars. After much investigation we found out that these men
were among those men, spoiling the good name of Africa. *MORE amazing circumstances there because I have only ever owned american quarters, and I know exactly where they are. Want me to show them to you?*

They opened up to us that, they actually work with a Lotto company before
their dismissal and used the opportunity to perpetuate their crimes, they
told us that the funds inside the boxes was won by you, but now they
planned to turn back on you and decided to take the money all to
themselves out of the country.We later found out on the investigation that
was carried that, these men are truly members of a well established
organization to act on their criminal activities. *I’ve always wanted to win the lotto, and I’m just overjoyed I won the US lottery, especially since I didn’t even buy a ticket. WOW!*

As I write you this mail now, the three(3) men that were caught are now in
the custody of the Ghana Police Service over here in our country
Ghana,while we are trying to track the others left, because they have
proved to us that they belong to one organization. *Well maybe you need to give the men a piece of paper and pen, cause surely with their BS story they could write a best selling novel, not unlike E.L.James.*

That is why we have to reach you by your mail address and name that was
tagged the boxes, so we can make the arrangement on the transfer of the
funds to your designation. *Okay so this is where I hand over my bank details right?*

Your urgent response will be very much appreciated as soon as you have
received this email. *Yep let me get right on this. I just have to open a bank account in Sweden first.*

Thank you for your kind attention, for us to make sure our beloved country
Ghana, bears a good name. *Handing out bogus emails about imaginary lotto money is positively the best way to make Ghana bear a good name. By the way how’s Ghana doing in the Olympics?*

Please in your reply include your
A: FULL NAMES * I P Daily *
B: ADDRESS *Itchycoo Park *
IDENTIFICATION PASSPORT. *Well CRAP I don’t have a passport, guess this was all a waste of your time.*

As this information will be required, by the authorities in Ghana to draft
the new change of ownership in your name as the rightful owner of the
funds in our custody and also to verify the information given to us
because the documentations covering the boxes have been tampered on. *Heavens. How do you tamper on something? It is something like Tap Dancing, just without the danger of slipping into the sink?*

General Peter A. Blay *Thanks Pete mate*

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  1. Margaret Mager
    Aug 10, 2012 @ 15:35:07

    Ohhhhh, stop it, Peter, please stop it, you’re killing me. I can’t laugh any more. It hurts!!


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