Support your small local business… No seriously.

A few weeks ago Gympie started Sunday trading. *DUN DUN DUUUUUN* Now I realise not many of you who read my blogs are from rural or country towns. Some of you don’t even live in Australia. But I imagine there are still backwater towns everywhere, where a large chain of stores has moved in and the culture of the place changed. The question is, is the change a positive one?

I’m sure I was a teen when Sunday trading began in Brisbane’s surrounding areas. Gone were the massive Saturday afternoon mark downs on meat and bakery goods so they wouldn’t be left to rot on the shelves until Monday.

It was also when we no longer had to panic abut not having enough milk, because it didn’t matter what day of the week it was, you could just whip down to the shops and pick up what you needed.

However, at the time I lived in a building block country town, so it was the only option outside of small independently owned stores to get your groceries if you lived in say Kilcoy, Wamuran, Woodford etc. (the D’Aguilar Highway on rainy afternoons sucked even worse when you had to travel 20 minutes or more too and from to grab your weekly shopping) So the Sunday trading was beneficial *from a teenage point of view* to everyone. Because if you have to travel THAT far, you’d make a day of it and just leave the groceries and cold items until you were right ready to leave for the trip home.

This was back before the Morayfield shopping center. When the only major chains were Franklins and Coles. WOW I feel OOOOOLLLLDDDD! The majority of people would stick to the Coles supermarket because there was a Kmart as well, and there was underground parking. Not to mention to get home again you just came straight back out onto King Street and bloop you’re headed home.

But for Gympie, which is really away from EVERYTHING the small independent grocery stores were IT.  It had been that way since the 1800’s. Until August 6th when the rise of the giants like Woolworths and Aldi have driven locals to embrace this new Sunday trading thing.

But what of the independent shop owner? If people know they can get bread at 5:30pm from Woolies, will they bother walking 200 meters to the bread shop right before lunch?

Will the flea market stalls do as well if people can pop in and grab their jam at 9am rather than brave the cold to buy home made delights?

Only time will tell.

Please, remember to give your local small businesses your attention.


If you don’t use it you’ll lose it!


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