The campaign to Get Reading!

For those of us who LOVE reading, the Get Reading campaign has begun in Australia and will run until September 30th. This year all 50 books on the recommended reading list are Aussie authors. LINK!

After the hard facts Tara Moss put forward in her blog about gender inequality in the literary industry and since then Jane Sullivan’s article on A Woman’s Place in the publsihing industry, I wanted to break down this year’s list of books, and see just where we stood as a nation when it came to this year’s industry recommendations versus gender equality.

I made pie charts. YAY ME!

So lets look at the break down of what genre’s are on offer in 2012.

Now let us look at some of these segments a little closer.

This is the break down of Fiction. That is 7/12 in favour of Women.

Alright lets look at Romance, not that this should shock anyone.

*shrug* this was to be expected, but it would have been nice to have at least one guy here.

Now for a chart that had me scratching my head and wondering if women’s REAL voices are being ignored. I give you the chart for Biography Memoir.

Notice there are no biographies exclusively written by women on this chart ANYWHERE. Co-Authoring, sure; but I am POSITIVE there were more than 2 brilliant biographies written by women in the last 8 months.

Okay now we go to the all round gender gap for this year’s Get Reading campaign.

24 Men. 23 Women and 3 co-authorships.

Not terrible, but when you think about women being represented more for their fictional tale telling rather than their truth telling, I have to ask myself, “What’s up with that?”

There were no women with books in the Non-Fiction section, and it was 50/50 in Fantasy Fiction, Crime Fiction, Children’s Fiction and a notable 3 way tie in Children’s Picture books.

How do these stats make you feel?

Does it make you think men aren’t romantically inclined?

Does it make you think that men’s stories of survival and successes are more important than those of women’s?

Do you think this list is geared more towards getting men, or women interested in picking up a book?

Most importantly, does any of this make you want to go out there and BUY A BOOK????

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