What I am learning from my kid growing up.

Hi, I’m Belinda and I am an only child.

This means I am extremely self centered and my moral compass is constantly spinning in circles.

If I don’t get my way, I throw manipulative tantrums, and if I feel like something is being ignored at the detriment of other people I get pissy.

I dare to believe in sexual equality and that pre teen boys probably need deportment and grooming classes more than girls of the same age.

I try not to be intimidated and assertive is my middle name on most days.

These are all reasons my daughter should not be included in the elections to become a student leader. Apparently.


What’s with the title of this blog?

I am learning to walk home and take the weekend to think of the things to say to certain parties in an even calm tone. To gently rip certain people a new one for projecting and prejudging my kid for MY actions. 

Also learning that general impressions and gut instincts are usually right.

If it quacks like a duck, and craps like a duck… chances are it’s either a really small placid goose or a duck.


On a lighter note.

  1. It’s a new week. YAY!
  2. The books for my cert III should turn up and I can get back to the study I started. 
  3. New Review books!!!
  4. Pop Asia.

Anyone else feel like looking at some pics of a spider eating?? Yep me too! 




























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