A Character after my own heart

Seriously Magnificent.

I don’t think I’ve reviewed a children’s picture book on here before. First time for everything, right?

My good friend, Marianne de Pierres, has captured exactly what it is to be both a kid and an adult in Serious Sas and Messy Magda… at least this is pretty much what it’s like in my household.

My housekeeping skills are less than lack luster, like Magda’s, and I have the ability to embarrass the snot out of my daughter, especially when she was asked to bring me to school years ago. (apparently just breathing will do the trick in the years to come).

After reading this charming book to my own (not so little) Sas, she agreed, sometimes it doesn’t entirely suck to have a weird, crazy, messy Mum.

As for the illustrations in this delightful PICTURE book… Rachel Annie Bridgen has her own style and it is, in short, quite brilliant, both in colour and in imagination.

You can pick up copies of Serious Sas and Messy Magda from Book Treasure, Amazon, Book Depository, and Fishpond Australia.

Remember to leave a review if you do buy a copy and love it… and believe me you will LOVE it.

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