Love this year so far.

This year has been filled with growth and change.

I completed by Business Administration certificate 3 at the end of January.

At work we’ve introduced a lovely new girl into the fold. She’s fitting in amazingly and is well on her way to making her place in the world of alternative healing in South Brisbane.

Kiddo has fitted in really well at her new school and is astounding me with how mature she’s growing.

I’m currently 5 books ahead of schedule with my goodreads challenge. 28 down, 72 to go.  Thank goodness for audio books.

I started a new blog series on Books Vs Film. Though I had to reschedule the pick for March because we’re not getting Divergent along with the rest of the world. *pouty face*

And now for some pictures!

I LOVE taking pictures of lightning and I think this is one of the most vibrant pictures I’ve snapped over this storm season.


This was a rainbow I snapped on my tenth wedding anniversary. Can anyone else see beyond the Violet?


I sat for ages to be able to catch this little guy. The light quality made getting the pic really difficult. Cute none-the-less.


These noisy little ratbags woke me up on a Sunday morning. There’s few better ways to be coaxed awake.

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