The Peacemaker tour comes to my backyard.

Time to saddle up the horses and slap on the akubra. Today (A few days later than expected due to scheduling awesomeness)  I am proud to host my very FIRST blog tour pit stop; and to start with I have the honour of hosting Marianne de pierres, who is launching her book Peacemaker.

I was able to ask her a few questions, hoping that nobody else had already asked them a billion times. Drum roll Please!


Originally your vision was for Peacemaker to be a Graphic Novel. Is the Novel, published by Angry Robot, in the same vein as the first edition of the Graphic Novel, and how closely should we be visualising the characters to the previous graphics?


The whole concept began as a short story then shifted to a novel and onto graphic novel and back to novel. So the characters in the comic are closely aligned with my original short story vision. I discussed what they should each look like with the artist and we found images online that matched those in my head. She tweaked and primped until they looked right. Virgin was always rather serious and obstinate looking. Nate was way cool!


This is an odd combination of genres to be putting together. What was running through you head when the plot popped up and demanded to be written?


Honestly, Bel, I don’t know! I’d started looking at the short story again and wondering how to best develop it into a novel and all of a sudden “WESTERN” popped into my head. I mean, I’ve been wanting to write Western all my life. It seemed that I’d finally found the story vehicle I sought. The world came easily—in a rush, in fact. The blending of the genres was easy for some reason.


Some of your other books are unintentionally cathartic in their revisiting and resolving issues from your past… Is Peacemaker hiding any of your skeletons?


Hahaha! You’ve heard me talk about Burn Bright! *Smile*  There’s no real personal catharsis happening in this novel, but there’s definitely a continuation of themes that I like to explore: self-empowerment, self-awareness and integrity. Perhaps there’s a little bit of stuff connected with the spirit guides that might be personal but I’m not clear enough on what it is to answer you properly. *Smile*


This is a question I’ve been tending to ask any author (since I met Charlaine Harris). When you know better, you do better… What do you know better and do better in Peacemaker than you have in any other of your novels?


Hmmm … I think (I hope), my ability to create interesting secondary characters continues to improve. And I think I just generally have a better facility with language. Other than that, the biggest thing is that I’m comfortable blending genres; messing around like that doesn’t scare me. But grrl, that’s a hard question to answer!


This cross genre masterpiece was published on April 29th by Angry Robot And is available from Amazon, Book Depository, and Barnes and Noble.

Thank you very, VERY much for dropping by Marianne.

Everyone! Go Get That BOOK!

It’s almost time!

Later this week I’ll be hosting Marianne de Pierres on her blog tour for Peacemaker.

I am REALLY excited.

There’s also other extremely exciting news coming up in the weeks to come.

Life is beyond awesome this week.

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