No seriously, The Night Creatures REALLY will take over the world

Now my last post had cover reveals that were quite pretty, and HEAPS of work went into them, and the people at Austin Design Works should be congratulated for their champion effort.

Their cover art will now be used for e releases and prequels to the night creatures stories.

After some serious deliberation, some major discussion and a deal that will most likely propel the night creatures book into the stratosphere;  Jarek Kubicki has agreed to rework the covers only a little to allow for his lusciously rich artwork to remain the faces of these books.

And then there is the added squeeeeeeee that is the song Angel Arias, written and performed by Her Royal Madness herself,Yunyu.

If you’d like a bit of a taste of how on the mark this song is here’s a youtube clip that will give you goosebumps.

We’re now cooking with gas. I sincerely hope you’ll go find these books on Amazon and if you’re not in the mood for physical copies and owning a small piece of the artworks of Mr. Kubicki (WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU), you’ll be able to download copies of all three books in e book.

Life is beautiful today. I am so proud to be able to give you this information… and remember to share the love.

You can also go read blogs, book reviews and other randomisity I’ve contributed to . Our team works hard to bring you some pretty awesome stuff… but when you see the foundation we’re working from, you can understand why we love doing what we’re doing.

Glad it’s Monday

Hubby and I have almost finished the kiddo’s room. But I tell you, LEAVE THE WINDOWS OPEN!!!!

I feel like I’ve been chroming (the act of inhaling paint fumes). It was not a pleasant experience.

I thought yesterday, that escaping the house all together would stop me from being physically sick. Boy how wrong I was.

I still feel woozy. But nowhere near as bad. I have almost all the windows flung wide. The lemon halves in buckets of water and fans blasting.

I can hang the curtains later on, and start on the last areas of door trim.

In the process of feeling so crap yesterday I finally got to meet my claytons niece. (The niece you have when you haven’t got a niece).

She’s so expressive and placid. Watching her with her dad and my cousin was an experience I think I’ll remember for a really long time. Just about brought tears to my eyes, it was just that perfect.

K I need to go write up a blog or 3 and start sorting through the toys that will be going back into the kiddo’s room this afternoon and making the others disappear.

Have a great week everyone!

Need a giggle?

I did another happy dance this morning.  I got a comment from a blogger (apart from Dawn Meehan) who makes me laugh ’till I have tears rolling down my cheeks. Introducing Que

Male perspective on parenting isn’t usually looked at under the microscope. We bug our men about taking out the rubbish, about mowing the lawn, and to give the kid a turn on the play station already. We don’t usually hear of them actually pitching in with anything of value.

Que has spent time as a Stay at home Dad, and even does his daughter’s hair. That deserves a medal in my books.

After 8 years (almost 9) of kiddo hair to deal with, including teachers telling her she needs to pull it back during class. I can assume the position of Luke to his Yoda. HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO IT??

I have been known to stick the kiddo in a head lock that would rival any WWE wrestler, just to get the damn comb through her tresses before school.

She’s tried the Pixie cut (short hair yeah yeah) and that wasn’t a hit *snap!* Grown out within the year.

I’ve tried letting her do it herself, and we now are getting into a Bob Marley stage of her life, where dreads are cool man, cool.

So when you have a few hours (cause once you start you’ll want to go back and read more) go look up Que HERE. I promise you will laugh, you will cheer, you will look at your husband and wish he was a super man like Que.

Or maybe you already do have a super man like Que, if that’s the case send him over my way, I need help wrangling the kiddo down to get that last knot out of her hair.

Something just a little special.

Last day of the school holidays and I am so glad they’re over.

The kiddo has had a rough week and I’ve learned that husbands don’t cope well with kids with cramps. His mobile is a little sick, and we’ve sunk almost $50 on useless medications. ~For the kiddo not his phone~

We missed the Abbey Festival, which sucked. I did remember to get the mid year supply list. (when did schools start sending home a supply list midway though the year?) And I managed to get the house back to some semblance of clean….ish.

I did however manage to create another pretty piece for my cousin’s 27th birthday present.

I do hope she likes the set..

Amethyst beads, and other assorted pretties.

 Onwards towards tomorrow. When the house can be once again quiet and I have to try hard to remember to pick the kiddo up from school.

~Yes I have heard the last bell and thought… there is something I’m supposed to be doing right now but I can’t remember what.~

Happy Wife Happy Life.

Well, happy kiddo, more peaceful life in this case.

I’ve been nagged by my daughter, every time I head into a craft supply store, to buy her a pair of pliers so she can help me open jump rings.

I gave in and did so on Saturday.

After 48 hours of begging, I opened the packaging and handed her her first pair of chain nose pliers on Monday morning. She then spent quite a few hours opening jump rings.

I’ve told her she can earn $$  per tray of open jump rings. Now how stupid was that??

Time will tell but I’ll have to keep an eye on her. We don’t need an 8-year-old with RSI.

Passing on the Madness

My Aunt, seeing what I had learned how to do, suggested we start a craft group to teach other people how to make jewelery and other forms of craft.

About November last year we finally got our first group of women to our craft group at ICA Springfield.

Those same women are still with us today, 6 months on. They’re all catching on quickly. It was a fulfilling moment to see one lady finish and wear her own Round Mail necklace to an ICA event not too long ago.

It is such an uplifting feeling to see someone finally succeed with something they’ve never done before in their lives.

To go beyond the “I can’t” through the “I’ll give it a go” and well and truly into the “I can do that” mind frame.

I’ll be forever learning new things to keep the group going, in turn this will keep my skill levels up and I doubt I will get bored easily. (Especially with those ladies. )

One thing we were quite successful at making was bookmarks.

Squiggle Bookmark. Blue Beads.

We’ve also made charms for our handbags and or mobile phones

The charms say Nurture, Create, Believe and Embrace.

I have no idea what we’ll be doing next week, but whatever we decide to do we’ll do it with gusto. That I can guarantee.

The Journey Continues

The next step in my jewelery making journey was learning the art of chain mail.

Each individual pattern is commonly known as either a stitch, or a weave.

By looking in beading magazines I’ve learned a fair bit. In one particular magazine there was an advertisement for Beadworx. (a fabulous bead shop at Harbour Town Shopping Center on the Gold Coast) In the ad they had a picture of a bracelet I figured I could make myself.
I gave it a try and lo-and-behold I did it.

I also had inspiration from Sue of Enchained Treasures. She does amazing chain mail in coloured wire. Anyway, she pushed me to try something a little harder.

I bought another beading magazine a while later and learned Dog Ear stitch in no time.

This is a close up of Dog Ear Stitch.

The finished piece.

From there I have learned about 5 different stitches, and there are so many more to learn.

Probably the most difficult to master was Dragon Scale. It took me 3-4 months of failure before I finally got it.

Dragon Scale Choker

The stitch I am most proud of would have to be the Round Mail. Mainly because I have never seen any stitch like it on any of the chain mail websites. So I believe I have invented the stitch myself. (I may be wrong but I’ll live in my fantasy world while I can)

Round Mail made for Marianne de Pierres


You get the picture.

This takes us up to 2009.

The last 12 months have been quite eventful… but I’ll leave that for another blog.

The Journey

My love affair with making jewelry started in about the 5th grade. Our class learned how to make beaded bracelets with small glass seed beads and fishing line.  We learned how to make triangles, flowers, circles, squares. That was the beginning of the end.

The first major piece I made with these skills was a monstrosity of a thing for my best friend for our grade 12 formal/prom.

She didn’t end up wearing it (because I made the neck too small) but she did wear the earrings I made to match the monstrosity.

That same best friend would be integral into the next big step up in my jewelery making journey.

She managed to land a job with one of Brisbane’s well known bead shops, learning the skills she would need to work there. However when they let her go, she swore she would teach me everything she had learned.

She kept her promise.

Probably the most important thing she taught me was how to open a jump ring.

From this lesson there were many beautiful pieces created. There were a few disasters, but as my Aunt says “There is no waste in craft.”

Lets see if I can get the add a photo bit to work.

This is the pair of earrings I made in my lesson with my best friend.

After a few months of trying all sorts of things I decided that chain was something very workable and made for a dramatic look.

This I originally made for the staff members of a website I worked for.

This next piece I still wear to this day.

Over 2 meters of chain was used in this piece.


Which brings us to about 2006.

More to come in future blogs.

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