The Peacemaker tour comes to my backyard.

Time to saddle up the horses and slap on the akubra. Today (A few days later than expected due to scheduling awesomeness)  I am proud to host my very FIRST blog tour pit stop; and to start with I have the honour of hosting Marianne de pierres, who is launching her book Peacemaker.

I was able to ask her a few questions, hoping that nobody else had already asked them a billion times. Drum roll Please!


Originally your vision was for Peacemaker to be a Graphic Novel. Is the Novel, published by Angry Robot, in the same vein as the first edition of the Graphic Novel, and how closely should we be visualising the characters to the previous graphics?


The whole concept began as a short story then shifted to a novel and onto graphic novel and back to novel. So the characters in the comic are closely aligned with my original short story vision. I discussed what they should each look like with the artist and we found images online that matched those in my head. She tweaked and primped until they looked right. Virgin was always rather serious and obstinate looking. Nate was way cool!


This is an odd combination of genres to be putting together. What was running through you head when the plot popped up and demanded to be written?


Honestly, Bel, I don’t know! I’d started looking at the short story again and wondering how to best develop it into a novel and all of a sudden “WESTERN” popped into my head. I mean, I’ve been wanting to write Western all my life. It seemed that I’d finally found the story vehicle I sought. The world came easily—in a rush, in fact. The blending of the genres was easy for some reason.


Some of your other books are unintentionally cathartic in their revisiting and resolving issues from your past… Is Peacemaker hiding any of your skeletons?


Hahaha! You’ve heard me talk about Burn Bright! *Smile*  There’s no real personal catharsis happening in this novel, but there’s definitely a continuation of themes that I like to explore: self-empowerment, self-awareness and integrity. Perhaps there’s a little bit of stuff connected with the spirit guides that might be personal but I’m not clear enough on what it is to answer you properly. *Smile*


This is a question I’ve been tending to ask any author (since I met Charlaine Harris). When you know better, you do better… What do you know better and do better in Peacemaker than you have in any other of your novels?


Hmmm … I think (I hope), my ability to create interesting secondary characters continues to improve. And I think I just generally have a better facility with language. Other than that, the biggest thing is that I’m comfortable blending genres; messing around like that doesn’t scare me. But grrl, that’s a hard question to answer!


This cross genre masterpiece was published on April 29th by Angry Robot And is available from Amazon, Book Depository, and Barnes and Noble.

Thank you very, VERY much for dropping by Marianne.

Everyone! Go Get That BOOK!

It’s almost time!

Later this week I’ll be hosting Marianne de Pierres on her blog tour for Peacemaker.

I am REALLY excited.

There’s also other extremely exciting news coming up in the weeks to come.

Life is beyond awesome this week.

Supporting the sisterhood

If you read my last blog you’d have seen that we’ve got a new girl at work???

Introducing……………………………. Jo.

Jo’s Reiki Healings on Facebook

and soon to be fleshed out is

Jo’s Reiki Healings on

Jo is a young woman who has learnt to grab life with both hands and hang on for the ride.
She’s got two wonderful children, who are beautifully polite, and have character to spare. Jo is married to her adoring husband/ high school sweet heart who’s truck crazy.

In all the abundant spare time us mothers tend to accumulate  she’s a cake decorator extraordinaire, loves to go camping and is learning to become a yoga teacher.

On top of ALL that, she’s just plain cool. Jo speaks her mind and when you sit in a room with her, you just can not help smiling like a goofball.


If you feel like liking her page on FB she’d greatly appreciate it, and once we’ve breathed life into that blog, well, the sky’s the limit.

I’ll have more information on Jo’s Reiki Healings in the coming weeks… even an inside view as to what it’s like to have a Reiki session with Jo.



Love this year so far.

This year has been filled with growth and change.

I completed by Business Administration certificate 3 at the end of January.

At work we’ve introduced a lovely new girl into the fold. She’s fitting in amazingly and is well on her way to making her place in the world of alternative healing in South Brisbane.

Kiddo has fitted in really well at her new school and is astounding me with how mature she’s growing.

I’m currently 5 books ahead of schedule with my goodreads challenge. 28 down, 72 to go.  Thank goodness for audio books.

I started a new blog series on Books Vs Film. Though I had to reschedule the pick for March because we’re not getting Divergent along with the rest of the world. *pouty face*

And now for some pictures!

I LOVE taking pictures of lightning and I think this is one of the most vibrant pictures I’ve snapped over this storm season.


This was a rainbow I snapped on my tenth wedding anniversary. Can anyone else see beyond the Violet?


I sat for ages to be able to catch this little guy. The light quality made getting the pic really difficult. Cute none-the-less.


These noisy little ratbags woke me up on a Sunday morning. There’s few better ways to be coaxed awake.

Review of Peacemaker

By Marianne de Pierres

On the lead up to hosting Marianne on the Peacemaker Blog tour, I jumped at the chance to read an early review copy from netgalley, to see just what this intriguing new offering, had to… well… offer.

For those of you who live in Brisbane, having a natural area in the middle of the central business district would seem less bizarre, than say, a giant dinosaur on a golf course, right? Imagining a wild west themed nature reserve in the middle of a city… sure, why the heck not, after all there is something about a guy in chaps. *eyebrow wiggle*

Blurb from Goodreads…
“When an imaginary animal from her troubled teenage years reappears, Virgin takes it to mean one of two things: a breakdown (hers!) or a warning. Dead bodies start piling up around her, so she decides on the latter. Something terrible is about to happen in the park and Virgin and her new partner, U.S. Marshall Nate Sixkiller, are standing in its path…

Virgin Jackson is the senior ranger in Birrimun Park – the world’s last natural landscape, overshadowed though it is by a sprawling coastal megacity. She maintains public safety and order in the park, but her bosses have brought out a hotshot cowboy to help her catch some drug runners who are affecting tourism. She senses the company is holding something back from her, and she’s not keen on working with an outsider like Nate Sixkiller.”
I completely fell in love with Peacemaker. It has the grunt and grit of Marianne’s Parrish Plessis series, the brilliant characterisation of her humerous crime series (written under the pen name Marianne Delacourt) an eye for suspense that has come from years and years of honing her craft.

The world building is imaginative and pleasantly disjointed. A discord that really brings out the multi level genre mix we have to feast from.

On most days I can relate to Virgin Jackson, needing a little space to just sit and be one with the world.

If only we had our own Birrimun Park on our doorstep.

Peacemaker began as a webcomic ( more information ) and, thanks to Angry Robot, this amazingly original body of work is now a novel to be devoured and treasured as of the 29th of April 2014.

Stay tuned… Marianne will be dropping by on the 9th of May to answer some questions about Peacemaker.
Paperback, 416 pages
Expected publication: April 29th 2014 by Angry Robot
0857664182 (ISBN13: 9780857664181)

A Character after my own heart

Seriously Magnificent.

I don’t think I’ve reviewed a children’s picture book on here before. First time for everything, right?

My good friend, Marianne de Pierres, has captured exactly what it is to be both a kid and an adult in Serious Sas and Messy Magda… at least this is pretty much what it’s like in my household.

My housekeeping skills are less than lack luster, like Magda’s, and I have the ability to embarrass the snot out of my daughter, especially when she was asked to bring me to school years ago. (apparently just breathing will do the trick in the years to come).

After reading this charming book to my own (not so little) Sas, she agreed, sometimes it doesn’t entirely suck to have a weird, crazy, messy Mum.

As for the illustrations in this delightful PICTURE book… Rachel Annie Bridgen has her own style and it is, in short, quite brilliant, both in colour and in imagination.

You can pick up copies of Serious Sas and Messy Magda from Book Treasure, Amazon, Book Depository, and Fishpond Australia.

Remember to leave a review if you do buy a copy and love it… and believe me you will LOVE it.

Echo! Echo! Is anybody out there?

It has been SO long since I blogged.

I’ve waited for a damn good reason to get back in the saddle and I have grand news…

Marianne de Pierres has just done her cover reveal for the book (not graphic novel) for Peacemaker

So without further ado I give you the wonderful cover by Joey HiFi.




Peacemaker will be published by Angry Robot

Released in UK and US in early May 2014, and available soon after in Australia.









The Night Creatures will take over the world!!!!

Hey you!  Yep, you, looking at me. Do you know what today is?

Yeah it’s the day the Pope retired. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

Today is the day we get to see the covers for the global release of Marianne de Pierres’ Night Creatures Trilogy.

Without further ado….

Soon you’ll be able to head on over to Amazon to get yourself copies of all three of these brilliant books.

Have a great weekend everyone. Go read a book.

What I am learning from my kid growing up.

Hi, I’m Belinda and I am an only child.

This means I am extremely self centered and my moral compass is constantly spinning in circles.

If I don’t get my way, I throw manipulative tantrums, and if I feel like something is being ignored at the detriment of other people I get pissy.

I dare to believe in sexual equality and that pre teen boys probably need deportment and grooming classes more than girls of the same age.

I try not to be intimidated and assertive is my middle name on most days.

These are all reasons my daughter should not be included in the elections to become a student leader. Apparently.


What’s with the title of this blog?

I am learning to walk home and take the weekend to think of the things to say to certain parties in an even calm tone. To gently rip certain people a new one for projecting and prejudging my kid for MY actions. 

Also learning that general impressions and gut instincts are usually right.

If it quacks like a duck, and craps like a duck… chances are it’s either a really small placid goose or a duck.


On a lighter note.

  1. It’s a new week. YAY!
  2. The books for my cert III should turn up and I can get back to the study I started. 
  3. New Review books!!!
  4. Pop Asia.

Anyone else feel like looking at some pics of a spider eating?? Yep me too! 




























New Year, New Opportunities.

It’s that time of year again. You’ve heard it all by now… resolutions. Blah!

I don’t know if I really want to make any this year. I may set a few goals, but not like I have in previous years. Ie: no more saying I’ll keep the house clean… we all know that is going to fail. So I’ll make it more specific. Without further ado here’s my lame list of goals for 2013.

  • I want to read 100 books this year. At least 12 of which should be Australian Spec Fic authors.

January’s Aussie Author books so far.

  1. The Skeleton Key by Tara Moss
  2. Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody
  • I want to do a monthly book haul (or something similar) for my Belindas Vlogs you tube channel.
  • I want to ONLY use my second best china dinner set and not dip into the spares which means keeping the dishes up to date.
  • I want to complete at least half the traineeship I am signing up to do over the next 2 years. YAY Employment!!
  • At the end of the year I want to make Christmas a special.

On a completely different tangent I took this picture of a blur banded bee in my front garden over the weekend. Pretty little bugger isn’t he?

And for those who want to keep tabs on my reading progress. Here’s a widget to my reading challenge on

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Belinda. has
read 5 books toward her goal of 100 books.

Have a great rest of January everyone.

Can you believe we’re almost half way through the first half of the first month already?

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