Um. Okay.

My mobile phone just turned itself on from the other side of the room. 7:10pm, it just did it’s little nokia chiming thing. Nobody was near it, nothing was leaning on it. *twilight zone theme song*

But that’s not the craziest thing that’s happened today… the school administration rectified the simple error that may have cost me $150. They rang me after telling me they would, and they went out of their way to make allowances for anything that may have been put out of place by the oversight.


The day can’t really get much weirder.

Opps, nope sorry kiddo just got out of bed to get herself a glass of water. Day’s back to normal again.

Marianne on 13th Street

Marianne de Pierres also writes as Marianne Delcourt. Her second book in the series under this pen name, Sharp Turn, is being featured on Tara Moss’s 13th Street book club in February.

Check it out. Leave some love and enjoy!

Congrats Marianne!

One week down…

One week of school out of the way and I’m glad to see Friday. It wasn’t even a full week. The heat was a little crazy, but I think that is more due to the fact that we’ve spent October, November, December and the the beginning of January with temps so far under average it’s more like Autumn than Summer. Those are usually our 30 (86) degrees and upwards months of the year.

I’m looking forawrd to the cooler months so I can pull out all my nice jackets and I don’t have to feel guilty about not shaving my legs.

I’ve got a Visual Kei blog over at Burn Bright. Don’t forget to leave comments over there.

K time to go make the kiddo’s bed and send her off to sleep. Need to have some down time before I go bonkers.

Hope you all have a nice lead into the weekend.

My kid likes to see me squirm

Walking home from school today and there are quite a few golden orb weaver spiders arround the neighbourhood. BIG ones.
Kiddo asked me what my favourite spider is and I answered her with the golden orb weaver. There’s just something magical about a creature so amazing. Their webs are like they’re spun with rays of afternoon sunlight.

She then asked me how many types of spider there are in the world, to which I had no answer and quite frankly the spider talk was starting to make me a little jumpy.

After a moment’s silence she asked me what the most amazing spider I knew of was. So I told her about the net casting spider. I described it like it goes fishing but catches bugs instead. I think by this time she had images of fishing rods and wading boots in her head, so I held up my arms and walked with a wide gait to show her how it caught the bugs.

She suddenly wanted to go inside away from the possible embarrisment I was inflicting on her.

So I sat down to try and find a youtube clip to show her what I meant. (I didn’t want to get my lanky arms caught in the ceiling fan)

Mid google search she asked me what the worlds biggest spider was, so I googled that too, and the site had a link to a guy playing with his goliath bird eating spider.

This sent me into instant eebygeeby mode. Lots of ewwwws and blaaaaaaaaaaaaahs and yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s were making her giggle. The little ratbag was even running her nails up and down my arms lightly.

See thing is, she thinks I’m joking. That freaking spider was making me freak out like whoa. Yuck!

Now I can photograph a spider with a 500mm lense so I don’t have to be ANNNNYWHERE near it and be quite happy. I can even deal a killing blow to a huntsman spider with a platform shoe. I also can flick a redback onto the ground and make her eat dirt quicker than you could say holy crap batman!
I can happily walk under the webs of our local orb weavers and look up in awe.

Do not however… ever… ever… EVER! Ask me to go near a live golliath terantulla. I will do whatever necessary to kill it. I will be packing Raid. I will have no sense of emotion toward the bleeping thing but KILLIT KILLIT KILLIT KILLIT!!!!

Drown it, stab it, jump on it, drop a porche on it’s head. I do NOT care.

Spiders are so much prettier when they’re not as big as your head. I don’t want the risk of it eating my face.


The heat has just been revolting today.
All part and parcel with an Aussie summer.

It’s Australia day (for those of you who aren’t in the country). This means all Aussies, for 24 hours at least, turn a blind eye to the atrocious way we kill the English language. We don our bucket hats, slip into our double pluggers (get your minds out the gutter this is a slang name for a pair of flip flops) and talk like a yobbo while chewing on rather petite pieces of flossy the lamb.

Mind you though. Not all of us are as stereo typical as all that.

I’ve slipped a pizza in the oven and am probably going to be making myself a ham sammach for dinner.

You don’t have to be a moron to be an Aussie on Australia day.
There are so many Aussies today who will be having kebabs, a decent curry, fried rice and there are plenty of others who will be tucking themselves in with an empty stomach.

Today should be all about being thankful for living in a free country. For living in a country where you’re not in fear of the malitia coming to steal your children away in the middle of the night. Today should be about remembering that so many native people aren’t being treated as equal citizens in their own country. Their life span is no better than it was when Kevin Rudd said sorry for treating them not much better than animals for the better pat of a century.

Today should be about inviting your neighbours over for a meal, nomatter their colour, creed or culture.
It should be about watching the sun go down on this great land, and appreciating the opportunites those who came before us have worked hard to allow us to have.

Happy Australia day!

P!nk… Has she gone too far??

Follow the link HERE over to Burn Bright, to read my post on P!nk’s newst video release.

Don’t forget to leave comments on what you think.

Sour grapes

Had to run up to the store earlier on to pick up one book I had missed on the book list. Me being a smarty pants thought that the botany books on the list were to be used for the same subject, so bought one containing the same number of pages. Bup bow! Nope the books are to be used for two different subjects. *roll my eyes* I have no idea why they can’t just flip the book and save me the trouble of covering a new book.

I was hankering for a coffee or, some treat for battling the heat to go do something I didn’t rally want to do. Instead of getting a coffee, I picked up a kilo of grapes. I trotted home with my mouth-watering and the internal dialogue screaming, “I got grapes yum yum yummmmy.”

Opened the bag, washed them off, and bit into one of the grossest grapes ever. EW.

Oh well, I’ll battle on because I needed a fruit kick. If it doesn’t work I’m gonna go nom on chocolate. Fruit is a better choice.

Corn thins, salsa, and grapes for morning tea, and curried eggs and ham sammaches for lunch.

Must start making necklaces again, have the charms I wanted so now I need to get my butt in gear.

First day Smirst day

I feel so good about being home alone for the first day in over a month. It’s WONDERFUL!! QUIET!!! PEACEFUL and I’m yelling. *shrug* nobody’s here to tell me to shush. Yippee!

Don’t have the tennis or cricket on. I don’t even have a CD or anything on yet.
Wanted to get some thoughts down first. Then I can go nuts.

The kiddo, even from the first day of Preschool has been an independent little wonder. She was telling me to ping off before that very first bell went.
Year 5 was no different, but she didn’t actually tell me to get lost this time.

There were some similarities with Preschool this year. One of the Mum’s from our Preschool class moved away a few years ago and she’s come back. I was SO glad to see her. I missed her more than she’ll ever know.

She was the first Mum to ever invite me to a Mummy type party, in this case it was a lingerie party, it was so nice to feel wanted. She’ll probably get a giggle out of it, but, I think of her every time I wear my dream bra. Ha Ha!

I tell you the hug I gave her this morning was as genuine as they come. Glad she’s back.

I think there are some lovely things about staying at the same school for so many years. The longest I ever stayed at a school was 3 years. Moving house, or deciding to move schools meant I quite often had to start from scratch. The kiddo has the stability of knowing what’s ahead of her, how things will be handled and what is expected of her.

It must have been nice for the returning young lady to have some of that stability back in her life.
I’m still wrapping my head around how much her little brother has grown.
They are two of the sweetest kids you’ll ever meet and the school is privileged to have them back.

Now I just have to remember to go pick her up. The bells I hear won’t be just a figment of my imagination. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been running up to the school when I look at the clock and freak out on the first day back. *blush*

The last one on the shelf

I tried a few things differently today. Well, not completely different for me, but just…. different.

Hubby left late to get us to the mall in search of socks that will fit the kiddo and hair ties in the school colours. It looked like we SO weren’t getting a parking space.

So I tried a silly ditty/prayer I heard on a talk show during the week.
“Mother Mary, full of grace. Please find us a parking space.”
Boom there was a space. NIIICE.

Then I said to myself that it didn’t matter how much the school socks cost, kiddo had to have some new ones. The tags said $8 for a three pack and was 20% off… but they rang up $6 or something still with the 20% on top of that. HAPPY, and even better, hubby pulled out a 20. *happy dag dance*.

I have been waiting and waiting to get my second calendar, because I want it to be the right one to hang it in my study which has a rainforest, and Victoria Francis theme.
So I wanted the Victoria Fancis calendar. I saw it so many times before the new year but I wasn’t willing to pay $26. They have been pretty hard to find since the new year though.
Finally today we were able to spend some time in Borders. Woohoo! 70% off and the last one on the shelf. I was chuffed. Now I can keep track of my wordcounts and the books i’ve finished.

Kiddo’s school lunches are sorted and wrapped for the week. I have her stuff packed and now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the clock to catch up with the kiddo’s impatience.

I’ve found out in the last few days that both distribution centers that the school has used currently and in the past for school book lists went under water during the floods. So glad I was a tight ass and bought the books through local bookstores early in the year.

Maybe a little change isn’t always a bad thing.

Wild Wild child

Watching Wild Hogs with hubby. I still love this movie after all the times I’ve watched it in the past.

4 Guys just being guys.

Next it’ll be listening to the Sisterhood of the travelling pants part 3.

4 girls just being girls.

I know they’re fictional characters but I really like to think I’m living my best life. Some days I’m a girl being a girl, others I’d rather leave the skirts and such in the draw and do something more masculine.

No idea what’s on the cards for tomorrow. Whatever I’m doing though, I hope I lay my head on my pillow in the evening with a feeling of accomplishment and a smile on my face.

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